Urządzenia Chłodnicze, Urządzenia Chemiczne - Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy - CEBEA

WCh-1/C Amatea


  • type of refrigeration: induced circulation
  • thermostat with automatic defrost and digital display
  • built-in DANFOSS or ASPERA condensing unit
  • pivoting curved front glass
  • customer-selected colour of the casing to choose from the CEBEA colour guide
  • hull insulated with eco-friendly polyurethane foam
  • external casing made of lacquered MDF plate
  • automatic vaporization of the condensate
  • lighting of every shelf and the front panel
  • display lighting with a special fluorescent lamp adapted to low temperatures
  • sliding glass door made with complex glass
  • warm air blowing on the front glass
  • possibility of arrangement into display chains of multiple devices


  • humidity control system
  • possibility of tailoring the arrangement to customer needs
  • a lower shelf for customer use
  • external condensing unit available
  • customer-selected colours of the lighting of the display and the front panel
  • customer-selected colour of the lacquered components: golden or grey
  • customer-selected colour of the aluminium profiles: golden or silver
  • non-standard colour of the external casing according to the RAL colour palette

selling counters for this device are available

Technical parameters

Length mm 950 1340
Width mm 860
Height mm 1450
Temperature range °C +5°C to +15°C in the surrounding temperature 25°C and relative humidity 60%
Refrigerating medium - R507
Total useful capacity / Display space l/m² 250/1,54 350/2,2
Nominal voltage/Nominal power [V]/[W] 230/850 230/1060
Electricity consumption kWh/24h 12,2 15,2
Maximum shelf load [kg/m] 12

Available colours